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Keeping on top of digital

The FridayFive@Five and the b-i monthly are two ways to keep in touch with digital happenings. Why not follow us and get the latest digital stories?

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A cut above the rest at Goldwell

This solution transforms sales visit preparation and planning and covers a worldwide organisation present in 20 different countries, in multiple languages for over 800 users.

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Salesforce Geneva Women in Tech

Laura Diaz is a rising talent in the Salesforce world, and spoke with us about the new Geneva chapter of Women in Tech.

Meet our people

So, how do new projects begin? “We put everything into understanding our client’s needs.” Elodie’s creative process starts literally on a blank canvas, combining the latest trends with her own expertise to reach the first visual sketch.

Our digital expertise

We are the pixel-pushing, code-creating, digital addicts of tomorrow.
A combination of creative minds and technical excellence.

Discover services that cover all of your customer's digital touchpoints:


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Discover a challenging career and reach your potential as a #digitaladdict

Are you ready for a new kind of success in customer relationships? Enjoy a packed day of inspirational moments, network with industry experts and say hello...

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Our work
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A cut above the rest at Goldwell/KMS
Our work
Featured work
A cut above the rest at Goldwell/KMS

Delivering a cutting edge Salesforce solution to empower professional haircare Goldwell/KMS sales representatives worldwide