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We chat to Srijeet Das, Marketing Automation Specialist

Srijeet Das

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Promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion

First CloudCraze partner in Switzerland

What is CloudCraze and what opportunities does it provide for B2B commerce?

All about Blockchain

Pratibha Bale gives us a deeper understanding of this transformative technology

Pratibha Bale

blue-infinity Salesforce Academy expands

Giving young talent the technical skills needed to kick-start their careers

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We're proud sponsors of the 2nd IIBA Geneva Congress with colleague and co-organiser, Valérie Buiron-Bouchet, where you can explore new tools for Business...

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For a global cause with the WHO
Our work
Featured work
For a global cause with the WHO

blue-infinity is the World Health Organisation's trusted partner in supporting their initiatives for Global Polio Eradication, and pandemic preparation in evaulating vaccine demand through providing state-of-the-art systems with new digital capabilities.