By Valerie Alonso, 4th May, 2016

With an increased demand for cloud solutions, merely deploying into the cloud is not enough. blue-infinity are proud to be a new Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, so what does this mean for our clients?

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By Kirk Havelock, 29th April, 2016

In the wild, smells come from different directions and in unpredictable combinations, accompanied by variations in heat and humidity. The Cyrano’s aromas come from a carrousel of small, resinous chips, which periodically rotate into place above the... Read more

By Laura Perrot, 26th April, 2016

Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Fabrizio is a highly involved project manager at blue-infinity who with multilingual skills helps develop more and more markets for an ambitious client project.

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By Laura Perrot, 25th April, 2016

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By Laura Perrot, 22nd April, 2016

Imagine having your entire Windows desktop projected on a movie theater screen while sitting in the best seat in the house, and you'll have some idea of what Virtual Desktop offers. There's a definite "wow" factor! 

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By Kirk Havelock, 21st April, 2016

We are thrilled to announce the latest commercial produced in-house, for the International Ice Hockey Federation. Filmed on location in British Columbia, we share with you a few teaser photos before the official film release.

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