By Jana Silarova , 7th December, 2018
Planeta Kino, the second largest cinema group in Ukraine keeps their customers informed using various communication channels. With the view to become market leader in Ukraine, they needed to better target their marketing and communication efforts. Read more
By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 30th November, 2018
"Technology today plays a key role in driving relevance, scale, and elevating human experiences. It is our job to harness its wonderful power and the potential for businesses and brands, in serving people better in the age of Augmented Humanity” says ... Read more
By Isobar, 29th November, 2018
Isobar today releases 'Augmented Humanity: Isobar Trends Report 2019', an exploration of five digital trends for 2019. The report explores the extent to which humanity will work in harmony with technology to expand and enrich life in 2019, and is... Read more
By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 23rd November, 2018
"Every marketer’s first request is "can you make it go viral?". And so we thought we’d use AI to increase the probability of virality, learning from past campaigns.” says Ashish Bhasin, Chairman & CEO South Asia Dentsu Aegis Network. Read more
By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 16th November, 2018
iProspect will be representing Dentsu Aegis Network in the "Adschain Consortium", which will use a distributed ledger based on Ethereum to give more transparency, security and traceability to the entire programmatic supply chain.  Read more
By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 16th November, 2018
Meet the people that help make us distinctive, Jana Silarova is the Local Marketing Communications manager for Czech Republic.  Read more