enterprise 2.0: facebook and linkedin in the corporate world

How would you feel about the ideal workplace:

social_mediaHow would you feel about the ideal workplace:

Where the information structures itself automatically.

Where the information produced by the employees is referenced, commented on and shared across different working groups with similar interests....Where know-how and experience is shared in a secure way.

Where the employees are valued and autonomous, while enjoying their work more.

In the world of Enterprise 1.0 (as on the web 1.0), only finished things are published.

In the world of Enterprise 2.0, the user is not isolated anymore: he or she can share information with a couple of clicks. The author can ask others to participate, review and enhance the content and follow the evoluation of infomration. Unfinished work is published, but also quickly modified and corrected.

In the world of Enterprise 1.0, the intranet will allow you to find the telephone number and email of a colleague.

In the world of Enterprise 2.0, the main contacts of a users are in one spot, accessible from any location. New contacts are also suggested to the employees: "This new colleague has done the same studies as you have, and he has the same interests. You may want to contact him." Personal information is updated by the users themselves and they have a vested interest in them.

There is a trend that enterprises are migrating towards these forms of collaboration. It won't be quick, because the cultural change is important: employees expose a lot more of themselves in an enterprise 2.0 setting. However, the time saved, productivity gain and increase in quality of the work are so important that this model will impose itself sooner or later in the corporate world.

Read this article about Enterprise 2.0 (French) by Fabrice Perrin.

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