Has Microsoft finally written a "killer app?"

Outlined below is my personal list of highlights from SharePoint 2010:

sharepoint_conf2Just back from the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 conference in Las Vegas where, along with 7,400 enthusiatic developers and IP professionals, it was clear that Microsoft has listened very carefully to all the comments and suggestions for improving the SharePoint platform. The result, which will be out in Beta sometime during November and released to market towards the middle of next year, could well be a huge success, as it finally looks like a mature product carefully crafted to cater for business needs whilst keeping faith with the familiar Office applications, all of which will now function seemlessly as applications within the browser.

Outlined below is my personal list of highlights from SharePoint 2010:

  1. The Office Ribbon is used throughout the SharePoint 2010 user interface.
  2. SharePoint 2010 is cross-browser compatible, with official support for Firefox and Safari.
  3. Offline replication is available via SharePoint Workspace 2010.
  4. Complete Multilingual User Interface support via skinning.
  5. Better compliance with standards and enhanced accessibility.
  6. Improved audience targeting.
  7. More and improved web parts.
  8. Office web applications for: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, InfoPath, Visio and Access.
  9. Improved My Sites and user profiles.
  10. Social tagging features, bookmarking, feedback and note board.
  11. Improved wiki and blog templates.
  12. Managed Metadata through enterprise metadata manager, taxonomies and folksonomies.
  13. External content types and content type publishing.
  14. Unique Document IDs.
  15. Document sets.
  16. Advanced routing of document based on metadata.
  17. In-place records management.
  18. Better web content management through enterprise asset library.
  19. Improved search, through refiners, related queries, people search.
  20. Social search and phonetic name search, by expertise, focus and recently authored documents.
  21. FAST search with document thumbnails and preview, deep refinement with exact count, best bets, plus visual best bets and promote/demote results.
  22. Improved Excel services, browser-based editing, chart web parts, PerformancePoint services and Visio Services.
  23. Improved Form Services for InfoPath, with InfoPath web part and connectivity.
  24. SharePoint composites combine site templates, office applications, Silverlight and rich data connectivity via Business Connectivity Services.
  25. Improved SharePoint Designer, simplified through the use of SharePoint objects, integrated with Visio Services and Visual Studio 2010 for workflows.
  26. Improved integration of SharePoint with Visual Studio 2010, support for remote development.
  27. Sandboxed solutions with control over code execution.
  28. Continued support for Web Services, but addition of REST (Representational State Transfer) and WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets).
  29. Visual upgrade from MOSS 2007.
  30. Move from Shared Service Providers to Service Applications.
  31. Remote BLOB storage.
  32. Better web analytics and monitoring, log customization is now possible.
  33. Server throttling and large list control.
  34. Replacement of stsadm by PowerShell.
  35. Granular back-up and restore.
  36. SQL mirroring and snapshots.
  37. Better branding through Theme management.
  38. Application master pages.
  39. Visual Studio SharePoint tools for empty SharePoint project, visual web part, sequential workflow, state machine workflow, business data connectivity model, event receiver, list definition, content type, module (files), site definition, import reusable workflow, import SharePoint solution package.
  40. Visual Studio SharePoint project items include web part, workflow association form, workflow instantiation form, application type, list definition from content type, list instance, empty element and user control.
  41. Concurrent editing of Office documents in the browser.

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