Testing with Eviware SOAP UI

SOAP UI let you use and test your Web services :


Web services are more and more used for Java projects, especially since the popularity and the ease of use of frameworks such as Axis, CXF has quickly increased over the last few years. Native support in application servers for specifications like JAX-WS has also greatly encouraged developers and architects to use those technologies in their Things get problematic when you begin to use and test those services and/or when you need to mock them. Enters SOAP UI. This is a free graphical tool created by eviware : it’s basically a Java Swing application but it is also available as an Eclipse or Netbeans plugin.

SOAP UI let you use and test your Web services :

  • You can easily create and run test suites and test cases « a la JUNIT ». Those tests can range  from very simple to very advanced with complex assertions and included groovy scripts.
  • You can also easily do load testing to make sure your services performances are acceptable in the real world.

More interesting, SOAP UI lets you easily mock a Web service from a given WSDL. You can setup your mock to make it react as you wish and when it’s ready you can directly run it from SOAP UI. Finally SOAP UI can also generate client and implementation for JAX-WS, Axis, XFire, JBoss WS and many more frameworks.

There is also a commercial version, SOAP UI Pro, which offers advanced features like form designer or datasource integration for testcases. More information on http://www.soapui.org

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