blue-infinity partners with nlyte Software, winner of Green IT awards 2010 for data centre infrastructure management.

blue-infinity is an integration partner for nlyte Software in Switzerland and EMEA.

blue-infinity is an integration partner for nlyte Software in Switzerland and EMEA.

nlyte Software, a a provider of performance-focused solutions for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), , has been recognized for its commitment to sustainable IT initiatives.  The US-headquartered company which has its European headquarters in London, has received the ‘One to Watch Product’ award at the prestigious Green IT Awards 2010.

Rising energy costs, space limitations, consolidations, migrations, and impending government legislation are the leading pressures for companies to seek comprehensive solutions for optimizing data centre power, cooling and space. Consequently, data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions are becoming recognized as one of the best ways to help Data Center and Facilities Managers drive down both energy consumption and carbon emissions.

nlyte’s Data Center Performance Management (DCPM) suite achieves this by helping companies make more intelligent capacity planning decisions leading to the optimal placement of data centre assets and up to a 20% annual reduction in energy costs.

blue-infinity helps companies implement and integrate nlyte’s software, offering support and advice throughout the complete project lifecycle; from project management and application roll-out to change management, internal audit support, training, reporting, process management and capacity planning.

I asked Jorge Pablo Gonzalez about the strengths of nlyte’s solutions: “Today most companies use Excel and Visio to list their assets and map out their data centres.  The challenge lies in having reliable, accurate and up-to-date information to manage a data centre’s real-time infrastructure evolution.

nlyte’s solutions enable intelligent capacity planning, resulting in the most efficient use of power, cooling and space through the optimal placement of data center assets.  The web interface shows a detailed inventory of hardware assets and combines them 1:1 with logistical, environmental and electronic information to produce a 3D view of the data centre. The user friendly interface and simple navigation allows IT support to quickly retrieve critical information to identify causes of incidents. The efficiency of installation, upgrades and maintenance is ensured through its remote solutions. Ease of integration into existing ticketing systems is also a big plus.”

For more information, contact Juan-Manuel Garrote (juan-manuel.garrote at
or call him on +41 58 307 7022

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