Adobe CS5 Master Tour 2010 in Hamburg

Recently, I had the chance to attend the Adobe CS5 Master Tour 2010 in Hamburg. Jason Levine, Greg Rewis and Terry White led a very entertaining presentation and gave lively demos. Playing the part of a fictitous agency, they offered a day which focused on multimedia and complete design processes, from conceptual design (creative web design, print and video) to output through all media channels and devices. What they also mentioned, is that the designers and developers in Hamburg were part of the new Adobe Creative Suite 5.

Adobe Photoshop CS5
With the new release, Photoshop has improved the very cool Content-Aware-Fill tool, which enables you to easily remove objects from an image, by filling the space with the surrounding background - it even matches light, tone and objects.
Adobe Indesign CS5
From its roots as a piece of complex print software, this layout package has evolved into an easy to use, rich interactive document tool. Without any knowledge of how to develop a Flash page, the designer is now able to create interactivity, motion, sound, and video to be added to documents and presentations. With the ability to export to a Flash file, it can also be used to produce files for use in Flash presentations. With digital magazines become increasingly popular since the release of the iPad - these improvements have made Indesign incomparable.
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Illustrator has been the designer's choice in vector based layout software for many years. Each update offers new features which make this powerful and complex piece of design software even better. The latest release boasts a new 3D tool, allowing 3D objects to be created with ease.
Adobe Flash CS5
The most impressive development with this latest version of Flash is the ability to create iPhone apps. As most of us know, Steve Jobs is not the biggest fan of Flash, but with this new release, it is possible to create an application ready for export to multimedia devices including the iPhone. This is great news for many developers, who may not be comfortable with the very complex iPhone development software Objective C. Thanks to Flash 5, we can look forward to many more creative and cutting edge apps for the iPhone in the future.

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