Top 100 IT companies: blue-infinity ranked 3rd largest employer in Suisse romande

Some facts (source ICT Journal):

TOP 100 is a study conducted by the ICT Journal in conjunction with Alp ICT. This is the first year the study has been conducted, with the participation of nearly 300 IT companies from all sectors the Suisse romande Region.

Some facts (source ICT Journal):

  • The participating companies employ a total of 11'000 staff
  • They created 472 jobs between 2009 and 2010, averaging a growth of 4.39%
  • 82% of the companies employ 50 or less staff


blue-infinity was ranked  3rd largest Swiss employer in Suisse romande, as well as the the 4th largest job-creator and the 6th largest employer in the IT sector in the Suisse romande region.


Our success is truly dependent on the talent of our employees. We believe in continuous training and reward our employees who gain certifications. We try to improve  and invent new mechanisms to foster a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and team-spirit.


Pierre Aebischer, Managing Partner, also stated that blue-infinity's ability to combine the talents of IT , User Experience Design and Marketing experts will continue to be a key differentiator to areas both business and consumer applications.




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