blue-infinity's Implementation and Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

The Challenge

The Challenge

Having been a user of a leading CRM tool for nearly ten years, blue-infinity had faced some doubts about its adoption due to questions of flexibility, ergonomics and integration. In addition to this CRM tool, blue-infinity uses a large number of specialist applications that provide support for collaboration, document management, knowledge management and blogging. This vast array of tools, often developed internally and updated and improved continuously, poses a well known challenge: integration.

The Solution

blue-infinity, already a user of a wide variety of Microsoft products, decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. This solution not only meets the needs of strategic management, but also those of sales, service delivery and marketing. In addition, it can unite enterprise information through integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint 2010, Redmine, Hudson and other collaborative platforms.

blue-infinity adopts Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


The Conclusion

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 2011 has resulted in the following:

- Simplification of information management and optimization of business processes
- Improved visibility, monitoring and reporting
- Consolidation of customer management and tracking
- Provision of a real campaign management tool for marketing teams
- Centralized customer information and productivity tools (SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Redmine, Hudson, etc.)
- Tight integration with Microsoft Office tools, providing similar ergonomics and facilitating rapid adoption

To find out more, please click here to view blue-infinity's testimonial on the Microsoft Dynamics website (in French).

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About the author

Stéphane Huck
Stéphane Huck

From his beginnings as a musician, Stephane Huck now plays to a different tune – that of heading up blue-infinity’s track and trace solution, AIT Central, to help combat illicit trade and ensure manufacturers conform to changing Government regulation.