Adobe + HTML5 = Edge

Programming without code? Well...

Programming without code? Well...

Five months after releasing Wallaby, an experimental tool designed to convert Flash animations to HTML5, Adobe has once again established it's position as a major player in Web technologies with Edge.

Adobe Edge allows you to create rich animation directly in HTML5 (using CSS and Javascript) without a line of code.  

It reminds me of Flash in the late 90's, but can be run on mobile devices which do not currently support Adobe's Flash player.

Basically it's pretty much the same; creating a new project will open a blank "stage" in which you can import image files (JPG, GIF, PNG or SVG) and add basic shapes and texts. The properties of each type of asset can be modified (transparency, size, position, colour etc.) and animated using "keyframes" within the timeline. The animation preview is rendered using Webkit, and Adobe claim the animations have been tested on Android, iOS, and other Webkit-based browers along with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 9. 

Publishing your animation will result in a bundle of files: HTML, CSS and Javascript; and it appears that it can be easily integrated into an existing HTML file without change. Its currently a preview version and is far from being perfect, but what we are seeing at will release another preview or (fingers-crossed!) a final release.

With the technology only in the preview stage, industry voices are expressing mixed opinions about Edge. According to, there are concerns regarding the absence of SVG and canvas, which many would expect from a HMTL5 tool. Adobe have responded by reassuring developers that this is by no means a complete product, and that Edge will be evolving rapidly. We will have to wait and see what happens; in the meantime, this discussion can be followed over at the Edge forum.

Adobe offers an overview of Edge in the video they released in late June (below), however you can now also download the preview version from Adobe Labs and give it a try - let us know your thoughts!



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