Baselworld newsflash N# 1 - Zenith revolutionizes its ordering process

Gains include:

Newsflash from Baselworld : Zenith sales process with SalesforceZenith's sales application conveniently runs on tablets and mobile phones. Created by blue-infinity.





To boost the management of its re-seller network, the prestigious "manufacture" Zenith is now using a digital catalog that provides real-time information across the entire CRM chain. 

Built by blue-infinity, the multi-OS application runs on tablets, phones and PCs, integrating SalesForce and Zenith's ERP system, as well as an engaging UI with optimal user experience. 

Gains include:

  • increased productivity
  • immediate visibility on sales
  • facilitated order taking




Built by blue-infinity using

for  multi-screen, multi-OS



Newsflash from Baselworld : Zenith sales process with Salesforce





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