Webinar for Developers: Modern Apps using Client-Side Rendering

In this session delivered as part of the MVP Mentoring program participants are walked through this process of Client-Side rendering via a series of practical examples.


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A word from Marius about his session:

In today’s reality, the proliferation of a large variety of devices in the enterprise, from tablets to smartphones,  raise additional challenges for web designers and developers to provide unified user experiences. The Microsoft product team from SharePoint and Office 365 have understood that, and the latest version of the SharePoint platform empowers both designers and developers to use their own familiar tools and techniques (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to adapt or extend SharePoint’s user interface to their needs.

One particular feature is a technique called Client-Side Rendering, which provides web developers with hooks into the output rendering process for list Forms and Views. Web developers now have the possibility of totally replacing SharePoint’s default rendering mechanism with their own. This opens up endless possibilities for web developers who are not familiar with SharePoint development to quickly get up to speed in customizing user experiences.

In this session delivered as part of the MVP Mentoring program on 28th of March, 2014, participants are walked through this process via a series of practical examples which include using modern web development techniques, such as the use MVVM pattern via Knockout and creating a masonry wall from the otherwise boring Tasks list by using Isotope plugin.

Hope you enjoy the presentation.

Marius Constantinescu, MVP SharePoint Server

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Marius Constantinescu
Marius Constantinescu

Marius is SharePoint MVP and a managing consultant in blue-infinity's Microsoft practice.