OneDrive To Rule Them All

If you use Office frequently, Microsoft OneDrive could be the right cloud storage solution for you, allowing you to synchronise your files and folders to free cloud based space of 7GB or more.


What is OneDrive?

OneDrive, formerly SkyDrive, is a free personal storage device that allows you to synchronise your files and folders to a cloud based storage of 7GB or more.  Microsoft has given its cloud storage a makeover in 2014 and it has been enriched with the power of real-time coauthoring on Office documents via web browser and mobile clients for both Windows and Mac. It is available to anyone with a Windows Live account, including Hotmail, MSN or

Why should I use it?

You can store any kind of file in the service, including photos, video, and documents, and then access them from any of your Windows PCs or mobile devices. The service organizes your files by type for you, so it's easy to find what you need.

  • Store and organize your work documents in a secure location in the cloud or company network
  • Share documents with your co-workers so they can review or edit the content, instead of attaching them to email messages
  • Synchronize documents stored in the cloud to your computer or mobile device (whether you’re on the corporate network or not) so that you can access your documents offline

Is there a professional option?

OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) is for professional use, to share business documents with co-workers or external participants, whilst making it easy to access and synchronize these documents from anywhere and across multiple devices. Considered as a collaboration and productivity enabler, OneDrive for Business provides new ways to collaborate more efficiently between members of mobile teams, virtual or cross-departmental teams, enabling synchronization of multiple document libraries in SharePoint (online or on-premises) to local computer.

How can I signup to OneDrive for Business?

In order to use OneDrive, you must sign up for a Microsoft account, which gives you access to Outlook, Xbox Live, and other Microsoft services.

OneDrive for Business can be obtained in multiple ways:

  • Anyone having Office 2013 installed on their machine can have the service installed
  • With an Office 365 subscription which includes Office 2013 applications
  • With an on-premises installation of SharePoint 2013
  • By installing OneDrive for Business client app after download the free sync client from here 

What about OneDrive versus other cloud storage?​

You may know of DropBox, Google Drive. OneDrive works seamlessly with Windows devices because it's integrated into the Windows operating systems running on PCs, tablets, and Windows Phone. It's easy to open and edit files from OneDrive in Microsoft's other applications, such as Word or the Photos app. Since OneDrive is closely tied with Office, it's a good choice for anyone who uses Office frequently. Every Cloud has a silver lining!

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About the author

Marius Constantinescu
Marius Constantinescu

Marius is SharePoint MVP and a managing consultant in blue-infinity's Microsoft practice.