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We are pleased to announce that Marius Constantinescu, MVP SharePoint, will address Soft-Shake 2014 in Geneva about developing Office 365 apps hosted on Azure. Soft-Shake is a multi-disciplinary software development conference held this year on 23-24 October. Discover more details and the full programme.


Soft-Shake is a multi-disciplinary conference offering a varied cocktail of presentations on software development themes and topics.

The conference is designed to be ‘energizing’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘connecting’ and gathers 350 participants over two days with 90 expert speakers at HEPIA, in central Geneva. Participants are pushed to learn more about the technologies they use, hear about alternatives, discover what is upcoming, as well as network with like-minded people. As per last year, there are 10 themes covering the same mix of technologies, concepts and ideas.

At this year’s event, Marius Constantinescu, SharePoint Most Valuable Professional (MVP) at blue-infinity has been selected to present, with his session “Create Azure-hosted modern Cloud Business web apps for Office 365.”  He will show the audience how Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 LightSwitch, a revolution in rapid building of mobile-friendly web applications, also provides ability to create data mash-ups by combining data from multiple external sources. Read full details of Marius’ session of 24th October via the Soft-Shake website.

blue-infinity is a principal sponsor of Soft-Shake 2014 and will host a booth at the event with company representatives in attendance.  Over 120 companies are represented, with the conference now in its fifth year.

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