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Many wearables are offering greater and more useful connectivity on the go, the latest being Microsoft Band. Perhaps you are a sporty person looking to tone extra muscle or cycle more efficiently. Marius tells us about Microsoft's new 'healthy' option which better still, integrates with most devices.


Perhaps you are a sporty person looking to tone extra muscle or cycle more efficiently. Whatever your fitness goals, technology is more and more present as it starts to accompany people the same way shoes do. Microsoft Health is a cloud-based service that helps you live healthier by sending you feedback based on data gathered from the fitness devices and apps that you use every day. Using this fitness data in the cloud, Microsoft Health provides a new way to reach fitness goals. It could offer new freedoms with its ability to leverage data from rival devices.

Activity-tracking devices like the new Microsoft Band (pictured) connect easily to Microsoft Health. The Band is a new entry into digital health which is “just the beginning of a multi-year vision for Microsoft in the health & fitness and wearables category," the company says. It can track your sleep and sports activities as well as connect to health services on your mobile device. The plastic band has an adjustable strap and a colour touchscreen. It is splash-resistant and powered by rechargeable batteries that give 2 day standby life.

Apple, Samsung and Google have all begun health initiatives and are looking to develop the demand for wearables. Microsoft's device is distinctive because it will work with all major mobile operating systems as well as connect to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It relies solely on Azure.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, which contains a growing collection of integrated services such as computing, storage, data, networking, and apps.These help you move quicker, do more, and save money.Azure is a key differentiator; harnessing Microsoft strength in cloud computing, it will help the Band offer users deep insights of data gathered from other branded fitness devices and smartphones too. That said, this openness may have been somewhat predictable since the Windows Phone does not hold it’s own significant market share.

Unlike many of the more recent smartwatches which have recently come to market, Microsoft Band's dazzling array of sensors suggests a primary focus on fitness tracking rather than trying to be a multi-purpose smartphone accessory.  

You can read more at http://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-band/en-us/get-started

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Marius Constantinescu
Marius Constantinescu

Marius is SharePoint MVP and a managing consultant in blue-infinity's Microsoft practice.