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blue-infinity has launched the website of Anti-Illicit Trade (AIT) Central,, showcasing the off-the-shelf solutions and packaged services suite helping manufacturers fight global illicit trade. Read the full article and be up-to-date on this key development.


blue-infinity has launched the new website of AIT Central,

Anti-Illicit Trade (AIT) Central is blue-infinity’s suite of solutions and services to help companies combat illicit trade. With Codentify®, CodiTrack and CodiCheck at its core, AIT Central is already used across 700 production lines and 1,600 tracking locations across the globe for serialization, product tracking, product tracing and authentication.

blue-infinity is the only experienced integrator of the full solution of Codentify®, CodiTrack and CodiCheck worldwide and has helped manufacturers implement and manage these solutions for the past 10 years.

The website has been divided into four main sections; Overview, Solutions, Services and Advantages. The design has been optimized for easy viewing as well as providing users with detailed information on AIT Central services. The site also includes a Case Studies section highlighting deployment in the pharmaceutical, tobacco, FMCG and luxury goods industries, and a simple contact form.

blue-infinity's unrivalled experience means unmatched business and technical understanding, cost efficiencies and quicker turnaround for our clients. From implementation to hosting, support and training, blue-infinity ensures fully-integrated delivery adapted to the industry’s specific business, process, market and regulatory requirements.

To find out more, please visit the dedicated website or email All enquiries will be treated as confidential and by a dedicated specialist.

Benjamin Phelip is blue-infinity Managing Consultant, Packaged Solutions specialising in track & trace. Contact Ben on LinkedIn

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Benjamin Phelip

Benjamin has been involved in managing software integration projects and accounts for large and small organization for 15 years. Since he joined blue-infinity, Benjamin brings his experience to push and deploy blue-infinity traceability solutions to the industry.