Meet our people: Nathalie

Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Nathalie challenges the status quo in our UX team, but her experience extends as far as Australia.

Nathalie Raux-Copin is in the blue-infinity User Experience (UX) team and prior to joining, was UI/UX Specialist for Yahoo Sydney where she lived for 15 years.  Here’s a quick overview of what an average day looks like for her.


I wake up at 6.30am and leave home around 7.30am, after having breakfast with my family and checking my emails. We meet for a daily scrum meeting in the main building from 8.30 to 9.00am with our client and team members from another practice. This is where we debrief about recent events. Today we exchanged on the Sprint 2 review and demo of the prototype we did yesterday on client side and set new tasks for ourselves for the coming days. It consisted of a demo made on SharePoint with a social plug-in by Sitrion. The demo was done around two scenarios I had crafted involving personas that I developed with the client’s project team three weeks ago. The client feedback was really positive and we defined what features to add to the next demo.


I bump into Philippe, our Head of Operations, we chat briefly about projects and account matters. Back at my desk, my tasks include the realization of a search scenario on the company’s intranet and the illustration of that scenario on clickable wireframes using Axure prototyping tool. I’m completing low-fidelity wireframes I started last week. To make it easy for our client, I include some instructions and play it many times until I think it is comprehensive enough.



It’s time for our UX team b-i weekly meeting. This is when all team members – currently seven of us – meet up around some sandwich, salads and desserts to exchange about what we’ve learn from our projects and to plan the coming week’s activities.


One of my next tasks on the project will be to illustrate how we navigate on the new intranet. I have completed a workshop session with the client’s project team where I gathered really key information and set principles but I felt I had not been able to grasp enough about their real issues. In my role, you need to trigger things instead of hoping they would just be handed to you. And because you learn more from failure than success, it’s important for me to find obstacles rapidly so I have suggested to our client to spend the morning on site exploring their current intranet. They have planned for me to come tomorrow morning.  We exchange some email about the logistic for my visit.


Loic from the design team pops-in to chat about the design he had produced for the project. We have a look how his design had been integrated to the prototype and agree on level of details to deliver to David, our SharePoint team member.


We do quick project sync with Guillemette around the coffee machine.  It consists of another project we’re involved in for one of our luxury brand clients. I revert to my main project and carrying on with sketches for other pages of the intranet.


We review the wireframes together with the project manager and share it with our client via a secure link. After that, I spend some time checking new improvements done during the day on the SharePoint prototype. I exchange a few Lync messages with two team members.

It’s timesheet time, I enter my time and leave the office around 6.30pm or later if required. This week, I had a couple of late nights as we were on tight deadlines for the delivery of the first prototype.

Outside work

My evenings and week-ends are always full with outdoor activities such as cycling in the vineyards nearby home with my partner and our younger daughter and then with following-up with school homework, piano rehearsals etc. until dark when it’s time to socialize with friends around a good glass of red or to catch-up with our older daughter via Skype who studies at University in Lyon. Pictured - pretending to provide great surfing coaching to my younger daughter!

I enjoy being part of blue-infinity’s team where I work with very talented people on very different projects involving various technical challenges – many opportunities to practice my problem solving skills while fulfilling my creativity. I really appreciate the level of trust and flexibility the company offers. 

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About the author

Nathalie Raux-Copin
Nathalie Raux-Copin

User Experience Specialist / Designer at Blue-Infinity, Geneva