UX attends Crea Digital Day 2015

blue-infinity's UX designers too some time out to attend Crea Digital Day 2015 in Geneva, exploring new digital pathways and getting updated with a new digital arsenal.

Attending Crea Digital Day 2015, Thursday 18 January at the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes, Geneva

The 6th edition of this full day of conferences on the digital world and trends is offered by Crea school, in partnership with Bilan Magazine.

This year, speakers included Tracy Yaverbaum, Head of Brand Development EMEA at Instagram, Jochen Rudat, Country Manager at Tesla Motors Switzerland, Mark Adams from The Audience, Toto Ellis from Droga5 and Laure Silacci, Brand and Communication at Terre des Hommes Lausanne. All these experts were here to share their point of view on digital trends and values for 2015. A delegation of blue-infinity consultants had the opportunity to attend and we are happy to share with you our best moments.

Marie’s moment: The importance of digital for NGOs

Marie joined the session by Laure Silacci from Terre des HommesAs a UX team in Geneva, we have worked with a few NGOs and it is always exciting to think about how our work can help them conduct their activities around the world. Laure explained that firstly digital is the new frontier for fundraising. If most donors today are between 55 and 65 years old, NGOs have to turn to digital to address a different population between 35 and 45 years old.

Digital fundraising also helps appropriate the funds faster, for quicker response in the field. But fundraising is not the only objective for NGOs. Digital tools can also help communicate and raise awareness, like the Movember cult, where each participant becomes an ambassador of the cause. Lastly, digital tools can help them do a better job, for example IEDA (Integrated e-Diagnosic Approach), which improves diagnosis and treatment of sick children in Burkina Faso and Mali. Switching to digital is definitely a challenge, but it will surely contribute to NGOs efforts to make a better world.

Florian’s moment: Tesla Motors: An electrifying story

Tesla as a promising challenger to thermic motors with electric engines that are incredibly autonomous and powerful. But as Jochen Rudat, Country Manager Tesla Motors in Switzerland said during his keynote, starting over with an electric car brings new possibilities and a fresh regard in its design.

In a world where the Internet of things is taking on more and more importance and is currently defining standards for wearables and home automation, it is hard to imagine anything electronic and modern that is not connected. Fridges, cameras, trackers of any sorts, traffic lights… the list is endless.

There are more and more models of car radios you can install to replace your old tape player, upgrading to a full multimedia center, including web browsers. Apple and Google are entering this market with CarPlay and Android Auto to bring a bit more connectivity on the road. But they don’t – and cannot – go much further than navigation, communication and entertainment.

Opening new levels of access

However, with Tesla you have literally access to everything about the car from the dashboard screen. While the car is full of electronic assistance to avoid collisions and help you driving safe, it is also connected to the surrounding environment. It can save the signal of your garage door opener, detect with the GPS that you are close to home, and propose you to open it, seamlessly.

This is one example of many services we could imagine because Tesla’s cars are basically computers with wheels. On the web there are a lot of rumors that Tesla could provide an API or a SDK to allow third party developers to bring their ideas to life. However there is no official communication from Tesla about it. We can easily imagine that’s due to security reasons. If that changes, cars could have the same exponential evolution smartphones had.

Being constantly connected brings a major advantage to our computers and smartphones today: auto-updates. Jochen took the example of the autopilot feature: when it was ready to ship, Tesla’s cars were updated and able to drive themselves. No need to go to the garage.

This is the future of automotive and it is not far away. The Tesla factory in Freemont, California is planning to make 500,000 cars per year and is launching the model X, a more affordable car. On Tesla’s website you can see a map showing existing and planned superchargers around the world. There are already more than you would think!

New digital pathways

The digital path was one out of many ways to reach people in traditional media. Now it is the channel to empower. It involves your target faster and drastically scales up your results.

Connected products and services have been a secondary option for a while, a nice to have, but nowadays it is people’s primary choice.

In NGO campaigns or modern products, digital cannot be ignored. If it is not somehow online, users don’t even consider it. Connectivity brings sharing and community, the basis of any form of evolution. 2015 will see its networks invaded by exciting new digital content and services.

Florian Udrisard and Marie Kuter are UX experts at blue-infinity.

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