Becoming a SCRUM Master at blue-infinity

SCRUM is amongst the most well-known frameworks of the AGILE group and is increasingly requested in calls for tender. The consultants’ certification and the presence of a Scrum Master are frequently required by our clients.

Newsflash! Congratulations to our newly certified SCRUM Masters! Maurizio, Stéphane, Mario, Fabio, Jorge, Johan, Mamadou and Guillaume and thank you to our team at blue-infinity for making it happen. 


SCRUM is amongst the most well-known frameworks of the AGILE methodologies group and is increasingly requested in calls for tender. These certifications and the presence of a SCRUM Master are frequently required by our clients.

Extract from the Manifesto for Agile Software Development (courtesy of ): 

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by using SCRUM and helping others use it. Through this work we have come to favour:

  • Individuals and interactions, over processes and tools
  • Working software, over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration, over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change, over following a plan

​SCRUM's framework is very easy to understand but can be long and complicated to set up, as it requires complete availability, full confidence and total transparence on behalf of all members of the project. Several of blue-infinity's clients have become acquainted with our Agile methodology.  Project deadlines have a better chance of being respected and above all, the tunnel effect, as in Waterfall projects, disappears. Also, deliverables are more likely to be provided on time and the documentation is reduced (albeit necessary).

With Yves Donat-Magnin’s (SCRUM Master trainer) valuable assistance, the PMO organizes training sessions of two half-days at blue-infinity to prepare the Professional SCRUM Master I certification. During the first half-day, SCRUM’s principles and concrete implementation are explained. The second session is focused on the examination. The consultants then organize themselves autonomously to enroll and take the certification in groups of five per half-day session, with expert’s support available on set.

This concept has enabled the certification of 100% of our colleagues that were present during the sessions. The training sessions allows to master SCRUM’s content and usage, and are also an opportunity to share experiences in project management. Congratulations to Clement, Stuart, Jérôme, Pierre, Antoine, Pierric, Marie, Francis, Fabienne, Virginie, Ailin, Catherine, Alexandre, who are the most recent employees at blue-infinity to have received a SCRUM certification.  About twenty additional consultants from blue-infinity have been certified since the beginning of the year.

SCRUM regularly hosts training and certification sessions and training is available through the IT Training Academy.

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