By Isobar, 17th October, 2018
Isobar has published a playbook to explain what blockchain is, the technology in practice and how it can be integrated into businesses today, including high growth markets Brazil, India and China.  Read more
By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 12th October, 2018
“The world runs on Intel. We are extremely proud and excited to have been chosen as Intel’s global media partner. We look forward to leveraging Intel’s technology on their behalf to tell stories and to create experiences that drive sales in today’s... Read more
By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 5th October, 2018
Isobar US launches, The Squeeze – a new thought leadership platform. Deep-dive into the digital world to extract useful insights for brands, businesses, even government types. By shining a future-facing flashlight on today’s goings-on, we reveal both... Read more
By iProspect, 2nd October, 2018
iProspect is a world leading digital performance marketing agency with offices in over 90 cities and over 4200 employees. Read more
By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 28th September, 2018
"Together with NowLabs worldwide, we’ve created a virtual community and innovation think-tank of around 1000 people. This gives us access to a global bank of knowledge, leading to a high success rate with 50 percent of our prototypes becoming scalable... Read more
By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 21st September, 2018
Next week, Dreamforce 2018 will open its doors to those hungry for insights and inspiration from the world’s visionaries and industry experts! Read more