Enterprise Social Networks: Business as an incubator

In this ICT Journal special reportage, read and learn about about the emergence, growing significance and innovation of Enterprise Social Networks. Written in collaboration with blue-infinity.

Enterprise Social Networks in collaboration with blue-infinity | June 2015 | ICT Journal Dossier | 

Introduction: Business as an incubator

The reasons pushing businesses to adopt collaborative solutions inspired from social networks are widespread. There are also various business areas involved in such adoption: communication, human resources, R&D, IT, sales etc. Read more (article in French)


The advent of Enterprise Social  Networks

Pierre-Alexandre Riera, Business Development Director, blue-infinity

Behavioral changes induced by social networks such as Facebook or Twitter as understood by Generation Y are increasingly present in business. This [generation's] relationship with IT tools pose significant challenges but also offers many opportunities for both employees and businesses. Read the article | page 34 (article in French)


Enterprise Social Networks as an innovation engine

André Bonvanie, General Manager EMEA, Sitrion

Is your company ready to take the turn of innovation? It's a question worth asking and the answer is equally as important. To ensure a successful innovation strategy, there are some essential points that enterprise social networks can help address. Read the article | page 35 (article in French)


"We need to facilitate collaboration in a faster and more complex environment"

Steven Ritchey, Head of Digital Strategy, Pictet

Private bank Pictet & Cie would like to replace their exisiting intranet with a modern solution that offers a multitude of collaborative tools. Steven Ritchey explains what the new solution, currently in prototyping, must bring to the business. Read more | page 36 (article in French)

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About the author

Pierre-Alexandre Riera
Pierre-Alexandre Riera

Pierre-Alexandre Riera leads Business Development activities for the financial sector and oversees the blue-infinity resourcing department as well as pre-sales.