Geneva Tour du Canton 2015

Fifteen blue-infinity employees made us proud by participating in this years’ “Tour du Canton de Genève”. Three of our fearless blue-infinity runners recount their race.

Fifteen blue-infinity employees made us proud by participating in this years’ “Tour du Canton de Genève”. Amateurs, veterans and beginners ran together through vineyards and Palexpo, Geneva’s Exhibition and Congress center, during the three different stages of this running competition that took place on the 27 May, 3 and 10 June. Three of our fearless blue-infinity runners recount their race.

 “The Tour du Canton was a positive experience! The atmosphere was relaxed between the runners, the sun shone during the three stages and I enjoyed running with two of my colleagues with whom I’ve worked at one of blue-infinity’s clients” recalls Fabio Tumiatti, a former triathlon competitor.

“We were divided into different ‘blocks’ according to our running ability and personal goals. This helped structure the race, as there was no way the 2,000 participants could all start at the same time!” explains Pierre Chauvet.

At last year’s Tour du Canton, our champion Pierre arrived third (video below).

Regarding organisation, Fabio thought it could have been improved for the first round. “Some of us deviated in Palexpo because the path wasn’t clearly defined, the location being quite remote for running… However, I still managed to achieve a reasonable score, and took it rather slowly afterwards!”

It was an eventful race. “Each time I run in the Tour du Canton, I feel there is not only strong solidarity between runners of the same block, but between all participants at the Tour of the Canton, which is really nice. It’s as if we form a big team despite the fact that our goals and long-distance endurance differ. The strong energy and harmony make the atmosphere very pleasant and the mood is far from strictly competitive”, shares Jérémie Pape. Unfortunately, this year, Jérémie couldn’t attend the last two races, having injured his feet at the first one.

As a very dedicated sportsman who practices every morning, Pierre seems to have been through this experience quite differently. “I might have been quite isolated, considering the distance there was between the first runners and the rest of them. Maybe we didn’t enjoy the cool atmosphere as much as the other guys. However, I do consider my running colleagues as partners!”

According to all the positive feedback, this athletics tour was a great success and we congratulate this years’ blue-infinity corporate running team and encourage participation in next year's Tour du Canton!

  • Nicolas Borreil
  • Jeremy Brialon
  • Nathalie Cauvi
  • Pierre Chauvet
  • Olivier Crouzet
  • Bruno Dias
  • Quentin Duborper
  • Benjamin Gournay
  • Rodolfo Milos
  • Nelly Morel
  • Timothée Nalet
  • Vadim Nunez
  • Jérémie Pape
  • Fabio Tumiatti
  • Jia Yin

We now invite you to check out our star Pierre Chauvet’s interview (in French) on the blue-infinity infini-tv youtube channel He tells us a bit more about how he manages to combine his work at b-i and his daily sport activities. 

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