ICT Journal: Dossier Omni-channel CRM

In collaboration with blue-infinity, ICT Journal explores the world of omni-channel and Laurent Berthelot discusses the latest trends of mobility first, omni-channel and the "real world" of retail shopping.

After the traditional businesses began e-commerce, giants of online retail invested in the "real world". In early November 2015, Amazon opened its first bookstore  in New York and Zalando opened a temporary shop on a shopping street in Frankfurt. Amidst these advances, digital technologies are spreading in physical stores: self-checkout, booths for mobile payment, beacons, screens to navigate the aisles, customer-info Apps for in-store salespeople.

Ultimately, e-retailers and traditional shops have the same objective: to support the customer, improve their shopping experience and enjoy the combined strengths of each channel: on one side recommendations, data and infinite rays of digital, on the other the experience and advice from in-store shopping. At the center, a CRM as the 'conductor' of the customer journey.

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Laurent Berthelot
Laurent Berthelot