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Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Roberto is a confident, outgoing personality with a strong passion for technology and innovation. We sat down for a quick chat to find out whether blue-infinity meets his expectations of what a digital agency should be.

A true technophile, it appears there is not a single digital device that Roberto Galdo hasn’t tried. “I once bought a Motorola 360 just to test it and play around with, only to sell it a few days later to get the latest iPhone ... and do the same.” Similarly, his curiosity doesn’t stop with technology – he is equally keen to explore people and fnd out more about his peers, to understand their way of thinking. “I also enjoy storytelling and role-playing games. Scenarios that involve emotions but also a lot of rational thought.”

Roberto is a Senior Consultant with blue-infinity and joined our Salesforce team of over 50 experts in mid-2015. He is currently assimilating a smaller team of Salesforce experts who are serving a Switzerland based non-governmental client, with five of the team based in Lisbon at our Quality-Shore offices. From Geneva, he oversees the development of their work, as his experience as a Salesforce developer helps him guide these new projects. “I'm really passionate about Salesforce, but even though it is my area of expertise, the thing I value most is the international experience I’m getting here at blue-infinity, by motivating a remote team and the exposure with international clients.”

Roberto, a native Italian, originally learned English from video games. He doesn’t speak like a video game character (!) however, and assures us that “even if there are different languages between us [team members], language is only an instrument and communication can be achieved in many other ways.” Roberto says he is learning constantly from those around him and is most satisfied to have found a new position for the first time outside of Italy. “By encouraging cooperation and strengthening trust between my team, I hope to create a ‘lighter’ and even happier working environment. Helping bring people together to understand common points is rewarding, even on a personal level. I hope to make my team feel appreciated for their efforts.”

What does Roberto's current project entail? “We’re making a web portal, so that over 70 countries can log on and manage their CRM. It’s a custom application.” Roberto believes Salesforce projects are always challenging and dynamic, and that progress is faster than with other technologies. “I used to work at Deloitte with Salesforce. I was always looking at a career in IT, and my University degree is in Software Engineering.”

How much of a challenge is it to work in such an environment and how is the project progressing? “Everyone is really cooperative. There’s such a large amount of expert skills available – and certainly no mediocrity here. blue-infinity is a great opportunity to work in a native digital agency. There’s a good mix of consultancy and digital. Real designers, real UX experts. They’re all here.”

For Roberto, ‘Passionately digital’ is all about “applying a passion for technology in the day to day, to simple tasks. The level of diversity and ambition is pretty high at blue-infinity. I find that exciting!” 

On a personal level, Roberto is enjoying his new life in Geneva and hopes to raise a family here with his new wife.

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