Meet our people: Micael, kinballer

Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Montréaler Micael landed in Switzerland late 2015, joining his wife. An abstract analytical approach and problem solving attitude gives him a keen mind for efficiency and optimization, which he puts to excellent use as a digital tracking software developer.

Micael Masse has helped global organisations in different industries, such as with employee recognition software at the Royal Bank of Canada. His team of 15 developed employee incentive tools and motivation programs. Now he sits within our AIT Central digital tracking solution team.

After global exposure at multinationals, what does he think of blue-infinity?  “The greatest advantage about working at blue-infinity is working with competent people always willing to help that believe in your capacities, let you decide how to resolve issues and listen to your ideas.”

Micael makes a difference with his ability to consider every aspect of a problem, to listen to every opinion and really care about delivering the best solution. His favourite hobby is the zany sport of Kin-Ball, played among three teams at the same time instead of traditional one-vs-one like the most team games. Just like in the track and trace team, “the most important aspect is communication, to learn to know who you are collaborating with to improve efficiency and respect their way of working.”

His team at blue-infinity are very open to this kind of collaboration, and especially when deadlines are fast approaching Micael looks ahead to ensure the software implementation is a lasting solution. Killing as many bugs from the start! “Clients need reassuring that a good-quality-solution will be provided and the best ROI.  We therefore need to listen to them, hear them, and deliver them a useful user experience. I keep challenging the way we do it so that we can continuously improve our best practices and stay efficient.”

Micael says he found what he was looking for at blue-infinity. He’s surrounded by “knowledgeable and hardworking IT experts working together to resolve in the best way clients problems”. Perhaps 5 years from now, he will become a key member of the team more involved in business decision making. “In the future, there will be more and more tools with increased efficiency. It’s important to follow change, to constantly rethink how to do things.”

Being passionately digital like blue-infinity, Micael is inspired by people who share knowledge and information. He’s surrounded by many nationalities and mindsets which makes the company an enriching environment. “Our people – it’s what makes our working environment so great and everything possible.”

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Laura Perrot

I'm a highly motivated and passionate student and I enjoy taking on new challenges. blue-infinity is 'in my family' as 10 years after my father, I discovered it as an intern. With an intensive international living experience, I am always interested in learning. I love photography, music, cinema, fashion and technology.