Meet our people: Rupesh, artist

Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Rupesh, a renowned artist and technophile, moved to Switzerland after 14 years at IT giants like Microsoft, joining us in January 2016. “I admire the blue-infinity Mission statement and Manifesto and I believe this is the right place for me to grow and realize my potential.”

Rupesh Patric is a Managing Consultant and a member of our Solutions team. It’s a role that sits between the various departments, involves Pre-Sales activities, collating best practices and owning business partnerships of blue-infinity. “I am to team up with colleagues both in Sales and in various Practices and to empower them, collaborate effectively and help us win. My team is relatively small for now but with over 30 different nationalities in a company of under 500 employees, I don’t think I have worked in a more diverse environment than this.”

Rupesh spent 11 years at Microsoft India and he knew at a very early age that art was going to be a strong influence in his life. “I found a passion for technology while keeping my art alive at the same time.” As a self-trained charcoal artist he values expression (see gallery). “I create characters who tell stories with my art. My work reveals contradiction, which is my favorite way of sketching, from very fluid charcoal shading techniques to textural sketching with graphite.”

How does one combine artistic talent with a career in IT? “I never thought I would be able to dedicate so much time for art, being in the IT Industry. But I believe everyday challenges have a lot to do with time management and of course, time is limited! It is limited not only by a full time job, but also by family and other commitments. And as most of us know, the trick is to combine working hard with working smart. One thing that has really worked for me is writing down a list of priorities.”

Thanks to art, Rupesh has met a lot of like-minded people. “In 2009, I started making charity calendars. They would carry my art and be customised to help raise awareness and funds for a specific cause. My first calendar in 2009 was for an NGO called “Dream A Dream”, a charitable organisation working with disadvantaged children.”

Microsoft also supported a lot of his charity work and he once presented a charcoal portrait to Bill Gates. Upon meeting him, “The ‘Billion dollar hand shake’ is what my friends call it. It was very exciting. I was present in the hall, but way back in the crowd. All of a sudden they called my name, to gift Bill his portrait. A memorable moment for sure!”

Besides Mr Gates, what about the Sundar Pichai’s and Satya Nadella’s of the world, what does Rupesh think is driver behind their success in digital and of his own? “The most obvious reason for Indians to be targets for senior executive positions at tech companies is that most of them are coders and engineers at heart. Tech companies, like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, appreciate engineers, as they like people who build things than who sell them. For me, it’s a blend of my creative itch, personal humility and intense professional will.”

Rupesh was selected as a speaker for two TED events in India, at some prestigious colleges: TEDx NIT Rourkela around the theme ‘Reframing The Vision’ and TEDx SIBM Bangalore on ‘Challenging the Conventional’. “TED limits your talk to a maximum of 18 minutes. This leads to clearer thoughts, a clearer structure, stronger take-aways and a more concise train of argumentation of the speakers.”

Certain values are important to Rupesh in a working environment – “integrity, honesty, respect, recognition of contribution and continual self-improvement. I am positive that blue-infinity is the beginning of a long and mutually fruitful professional journey.” He adds, “Be open to learn all that you can. Build relationships. Never think along the lines of ‘that's not in my job description.’ In the long run, being that well-rounded team player will take you far. Ultimately, it is the relationships you build that will determine your level of influence and value to the Company.”

What’s been most memorable so far? “In 2013, I was the Program Manager for a strategic project for Microsoft called ‘Business Intelligence Red Carpet’. I had the opportunity to work with a very diverse team from eight Asia Pacific countries. I travelled to subsidiaries and drive the Program end to end. I learned that communication management and stakeholder management are the key drivers in such huge projects.”

What is around the corner in digital collaboration, now that we have Facebook for the workplace and LinkedIn following suit? How can such platforms improve? “The enterprises that are actively adopting Social Networking Platforms, must actively drive adoption at the highest levels of the enterprise. If training in the use of enterprise social networking tools is not provided to employees who do not have experience using them, they are unlikely to be widely adopted.”

Rupesh believes he is passionately digital. “I try to live passionately, beautifully and thoughtfully, every day of my life. And I really enjoy working with people who are passionate about driving our vision for creative and digital innovation. Right now I am really curious about blue-infinity, the people around me, the Swiss culture, its beauty, art and creativity.” 

“The commitments that comes with my role are exactly what I have been looking for in this career move and I really hope to make a difference. Our people are what makes us who we are today. And who we want to be tomorrow.”

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About the author

Kirk Havelock

Kirk is a keen writer and part of blue-infinity's Marcom team, previously holding diverse roles with leading multinationals, and is originally from New Zealand.