Meet our people: Georges

Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Georges is a keen photographer and motorbike enthusiast, when outside his role as project manager in a Geneva financial institution.

Georges Szegezdi graduated with an executive MBA in 2014, ,his thesis covering the luxury watch industry, analyzing its structure in terms of players and market share, future challenges of the mechanical watch market, smartwatch threat, and executive perspectives on the future. Currently, he makes up our team at a Private Banking client in Geneva.

Georges is a project manager. “My goal is to keep everyone happy. To synchronize different teams around business needs and work with internal and external people on numerous projects at once. My job is about keeping projects on time, on budget and on the right path.”

When Georges was younger, it was originally a desire to learn and curiosity that lead him to study engineering, but there was always a business acumen to his study. “At one point I explored Artificial Intelligence at Gothenburg. I enjoy learning and my recent MBA has made me curious about the Finance world and Geopolitical movements. How things influence each other and relate.” George wanted to learn in a different environment, which is why he made the switch to blue-infinity, having previously been working in Digital TV.

How would he describe the banking sector? “I assumed it would be more formal. But where I am now, everyone is open to discussion, I am able to challenge the status quo and it is seen as positive – something to be encouraged.” Georges makes a difference in not copying others, rather passionately pursuing what he believes in - and to the end, no matter the cost.

He describes the advantages of working at blue-infinity as “a friendly, easily accepted environment where there are different mindsets and cultures. I think the projects help people evolve also and I see myself applying my skill in as many areas as possible. People really listen to me, I’ve already felt that I can make a difference.”

Even in positive working environments there can of course be challenges. How does Georges perceive these? “One needs to prioritize. Escalation, micro management, just to get things done, and especially with geographical constraints, we have to apply some pressure at times. I’m also learning as I go, such as writing RFPs was a first for me and managing offsite external consultants can be a challenge.”

In the end, his experience has pushed the boundaries and changed his mindset somewhat. “I learned to pick up the phone, rather than sending email. It helps read people’s emotional quotients - recognizing emotions and using them to help guide people’s thinking.” It’s an advice he would also give to newcomers, “Be ready to change your mind set to adapt for the client. Take it positively and as simply as personal growth.”

A few years from now, Georges hopes to be applying his MBA at working “at 100% capacity!” as well as keeping a close eye on future trends. “I follow new trends, even the latest Terminator movie was an illustration of how far we have come in AI and how cautious we need to be also. I think ‘Passionately digital’ is about being immersed in this digital world.”

What does ‘Our people’ mean to Georges? “Our people – they’re what makes us stronger, keeps us on top and helps us stay ahead.”

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