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"Our notes are the gatekeepers to discovery. From alternating current to the lithium battery, the flick of a pen is often the first stage of every great idea, but how many other great discoveries and connections have we missed, simply because we didn't write something down?" Read this and more in this week's Friday Five@5.

The Friday Five@5 is your weekly dose of the latest in digital news from around the world. 


Here is your copy of the Innovator's Guide to modern note taking


The Innovator's Guide to Modern Note Taking is packed with tips, tricks and insight into marrying the best of your old school note taking habits with the latest technologies of the digital age. Read more >


Google is testing payments app that works with your phone in your pocket

The Verge

Google today released an experimental payments app called Hands Free, a service that lets you pay for items in stores without taking your phone out. Read more >


META 2 Augmented Reality headset dev kit release the Oculus of AR


While PC gamers prepare to cloister themselves away in VR experiences this spring, the first wave of augmented reality headsets is already in the thick of development. 
Read more >


Are supercars a dying breed? The Geneva Motor Show says no 

Digital Trends

Not long ago, people were writing off supercars as a dying breed. Read more >


Welcome to Calm


Relax with Calm, a simple mindfulness meditation app that brings clarity and peace of mind into your life. Read more >


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