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At blue-infinity, we like to share the expertise of colleagues and technology experts with our employees. The blue-infinity Masterclass series enables extra learning over lunchtime, where no digital discussion is ever taboo.

blue-infinity Masterclasses are for all employees, especially for those who enjoy sharing knowledge of best practices, learning about new computing tools or discussing the digital future with colleagues.

For the past year we have held monthly Masterclasses for our employees, on a wide variety of subjects, including User Experience, Scrum, Big Data, Testing, ESN solutions, track and trace, and social collaboration tools like Hootsuite, Jive and Sitrion.

For example, the Hootsuite Masterclass hosted external speakers who addressed the latest features in social media management, with a run-through of what they have to offer and what is next. Similarly, a Virtual Reality class explained the recent progress in VR headsets, the challenges in developing such tools and the unlimited possibilities for application. 

Employees are treated to a lunch whilst typically one or two speakers explain the ins and outs of a new technology, new features of existing software or other digital tools that can benefit our employees and clients.

There is always a good opportunity for questions, in an open forum style setting. Over 200 employees have participated in blue-infinity Masterclasses and we hope to double that number in the coming months - especially since it's also possible to participate via Skype.

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