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It's not long before image recognition, visual search and AI will start being able to see and understand content. We will have visual search that approaches human-like levels of indexing and finding information. And it will blow our minds! Read this and more in this week's Friday Five@5.

The Friday Five@5 is your weekly dose of the latest in digital news from around the world.

Is this year the internet finally learns to see? 

The Next Web

Initially, the Internet was built for text, and technology has learned how to read at a pretty advanced level. However, the web has become increasingly visual, and tech has not fully kept up: the Internet can read, but it can't see.Read more >


A big change could be coming to your Instagram feed


Instagram users, you might want to sit down. Instagram may soon be messing with your timeline, showing photos not based on chronological order, but based on popularity and other social signals. Read more >


Sony's Playstation VR costs $399 and is coming in October 

The Verge

Sony has finally announced that the PlayStation VR will cost $399, and it will be available in October 2016. The company shared the news during a short keynote at the 2016 Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, CA. Read more >


Google will ask congress to create special rules for self-driving cars 


Google is asking Congress to acknowledge that autonomous vehicles are so radically new that they need a whole new set of rules. Read more >


Alphago AI just beat the world champion of "Go". So why is it such a big deal?

Scoop Whoop

This is a legendary moment indeed! The world's most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence has managed to defeat world's top player of the ancient Chinese board game. Read more >


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