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Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Come spend a day through the eyes of our designers as we reveal the life of a top creative team.

We met with our award winning creative team of Art Directors, who invited us to share in their experience and their inspiration.

The friendly atmosphere in the team is contagious.  They offer openly to lend help, talk about new trends, provide advice and inspire one another, revealing a very natural team spirit. Our creative team leverages their different competencies in order to succeed on a wide array of exciting projects with world renowned brands, innovation, trends, and cutting edge technology. Whether self-taught, graduates from professional art school or veterans of the industry, the team combines a mixture of technological skills and artistic professionalism to respond in their work to the demands of today's consumer. They are at the top of their game.

The designers share a similar software set up but diverse backgrounds. Art Directors Elodie, Romain and Pierre for example, are specialised in designing interfaces, applications or advertising campaigns. Nathalie storyboards projects and sketches videos sequences, whilst Clement excels at 3D animations which requires a steady hand and meticulous care. He showed us how to create a 3D character and make it move around in a digital environment. Others in the team, like Karol, might be conceptualising new ideas from scratch. 

The team exchanges advice and tips to help each other. Loic likes to absorb the latest trends and important news about the design world, to share his strategic vision with the others. Their different areas of expertise and the way they cooperate with each other make this a tight but flexible team. Our creatives are of course part of a larger picture at blue-infinity. They collaborate alongside project managers, sales, front-end and back-end developers from the conception to deployment of a project.

Pierre explains that winning a pitch is the beginning of a project. Between other designers, they share ideas and if the client approves, they proceed, from our perspective at blue-infinity, in "creating something that matters". The key to winning a pitch? Pierre says “market research is essential. We need to understand the market, the target and rival products' communication methods. It provides us clues for adaptation. We are deeply involved in our projects and personally support our designs! We stay within the given client direction and respect it to the nth degree. Also, the environment is evolving, so sometimes we need to collaborate even more with the developers due to upcoming technology changes - that's a good thing.”

Elodie ellaborates how the team is close to their project managers. “The link between ourselves and the clients are the project managers who convey their needs. They do a superb job so we know exactly how to proceed, with minimal back and forth.” She explained that at any time, a designer might need to change a concept based on feedback and follow-ups. “We are confident that our end goal always matches perfectly with that of the client.”

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