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Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Arnaud rejoined blue-infinity in 2015, after 3 years at Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV). Stimulated by the regular challenges and changes that technology provides, Arnaud is now learning about infrastructure for global track and trace systems.

"I like regular challenges and I’m naturally curious. After I passed my Microsoft Systems Admin exams with IT Training Academy, I was approached about a role within the Packaged Solutions team.” Also known as Track & trace, blue-infinity’s Packaged Solution’s team work with the major tobacco manufacturers on their tracking solutions. “I’m having to learn Linux right now. It works in different ways and is a very precise system. You could say it gives us greater control over what we deliver, as it’s a very black and white.”

Arnaud Leresche has always been passionate about computers, “ever since my father brought home our first computer, I was seeing how it worked, at the age of 12.” From this early beginning, Arnaud joined blue-infinity as his first job, in our infrastructure department. Working with Lalla Moussaoui, he set up laptops, handled support requests and discovered an increasingly virtual world. He was also part of helping the company move ‘up the road’. “I spent my first 5 years professionally with blue-infinity after my CFC [Certificate Fédéral de Capacité], in the early days of introducing the Redmine ticketing system.”

Several tickets later, Arnaud is happy to be back, amongst an international team and reliving the happy experience he vividly remembers. “My team is scattered around, there a few Swiss, Portuguese, French. I like the people and the spirit of blue-infinity, I’m discovering a lot in my new line of work.” Arnaud likes to make a difference by being open and friendly. To “trend against the model IT guy!” as he puts it.

What about the atmosphere at the office? “It’s a team that’s not afraid to party, but gets the work done too. Kind of fun but serious. Now more than before, it’s increasingly large and diverse. That’s inevitable with doubling in size I guess.”

How does Arnaud face everyday challenges? “We learn to do things efficiently. I ask colleagues for guidance, especially as this a new department, and a new technology. Currently I’m working on a big project – multi-phased – for a tobacco client.” There is much complexity in deploying a new infrastructure, says Arnaud. “I’m learning how to organize myself, and picking up tips that help me. I modified some documentation and added checklists to help in the next phases.” Not to mention the challenge of picking up Linux and the Open Source environment.

These kinds of experience help push boundaries. “I knew that I would have to constantly adapt[around technology]. Back in 2005, it was hands on, I was always in the loop for all manner of support issues. Now I’m helping deploy in international markets and monitoring global alerts.”

What advice would Arnaud give for someone joining blue-infinity? “Persevere with anychallenges ahead. I’ve been welcomed back like I never left!” Arnaud still appreciates technology for the moment, “I think being passionately digital is about being attracted to technology. What we have achieved so far and done with computers is quite thrilling.”


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