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The Lab at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris put the HTC Vive in the hands of artists from South Africa, Mexico, Cuba, the UK and U.S. to see how they'd put it to use. "This is not a flat drawing, this is a sculptural drawing. Making art in three dimensional space is an entirely new way of thinking." Read this and more in this week's Friday Five@5.

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Google's Tilt Brush artists show off the power of virtual reality art


You can use the Tilt Brush app to paint in virtual reality, and now Google, the owner of Tilt Brush, has rolled out some amazing examples of how that's done. Read more >


All The Big Drone Makers Have Formed A Coalition To Lobby For Drones


When all drone companies announce that they're forming a group to lobby for sensible drone policies, it's worth taking note. Read more >


HP Debuts Skinniest Laptop Ever


HP on Tuesday unveiled its latest challenger to Apple's laptops at the International Luxury Conference in Versailles, touting it as the thinnest laptop in the world. Read more >


Facebook is using AI to tag your pictures to help blind people

The Guardian

Facebook is using an artificial intelligence system to automatically caption photos in an effort to increase the accessibility of its website and apps. Read more >


Tomorrow's Buildings: Six things for office of the future?

BBC News

BBC News looks at a mixture of current and emerging technologies that may define our day in the office in the near future. Read more >


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