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An ICT Journal (www.ictjournal.ch) dossier on sales digitalisation, in collaboration with blue-infinity's Pierre-Alexandre-Riera and Valerie Alonso. Discover how two worlds converge to bring us the era of "Phygital" commerce.

Published in the ICT Journal Guide de l'informatique romande 2016 - read the full article (in French)

Currently, everyone connects online with multiple devices. Brands are able to exploit a wealth of information. To those directly captured by sales teams in-store are added the information from a myriad of new digital touchpoints. Two worlds that companies need to combine in order harvest its full potential, boost marketing compaigns and customer relationships.

To meet this challenge, experts who have contributed to this dossier mention the importance of analysing consumer behavior, in order to understand them better. The objective is to bring value, according to every channel specificities. Consequently, companies need to adopt a strategy in accordance with "Phygital" commerce era.  As an essential element of this omnichannel approach, CRM needs to be at the core of the computer system.

Phygital commerce revolution

The new generation of clients is numericaly active and use a lot of different channels and devices; in this context, Pierre-Alexandre Riera highlights the necessity for brands to entirely revise their engagement and conversion methods.

The word "Phygital" describes a physical and digital world fusion. Forrester Research studies show that 98% of users are using several devices daily and conclude that in 2018, 60% of sales are made in an omnichannel context. Thus, it is essentiel to understand consumer behavior to bring value at very interaction points, ensuring a coherent brand experience.

Integrated systems for a coherent experience

The implementation of a coherent customer experience is a challenge for many companies working in silos and seemingly with difficulty in evolving their transversal view of customer relationships. Solutions exist. 

Most computer systems that support businesses have been acquired one at a time, around internal organizational fonctions, rather than centered on the client. Frequently, the result is an architecture made up of several silos of information and functionalities. Many companies are then paralysed by consumer relationship management systems, limited in their field of application. From the client's point of view, the most frequent and dangerous consequence for their loyalty is a fragmented experience. Today, complete and integrated solutions exist. They offer a uniform customer experience through three commercial functions: Business, Marketing and Loyalty, Support and Service. 

These solutions of customer management relationship have been precisely developed to answer to specific needs of every line of business. In order to facilitate a fast adaptation of companies to these market conditions, the strategy of some software packages developers and their integration partners is to offer solutions and accelerators adapted to every industry.

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