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Zuckerberg recently illustrated how ambitious he's become. "Instead of building walls we can help people building bridges." Facebook, he says, will now bring the world online, pioneer artificial intelligence and perfect virtual reality. Read this and more in this week's Friday Five@5.

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Zuckerberg lashes out at 'fearful,' spotlights AI, chatbots


Speaking from the company's annual F8 global developer conference, Zuckerberg criticized "fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others." Read more >


This Month in Luxury: Bulgari's mechanical smart watch

The Verge

One of the biggest dreams of tech-loving horology enthusiasts, is a traditional watch that doesn't betray its history and mechanics while incorporating key pieces of 21st century components. Read more >


New Balance thinks 3D printing is the future of sneakers


New Balance is trying to get into the innovation game as well, with its own limited-edition version of a 3D printed shoe. Read more >


Linux-fight! Dev's plan to bundle kernel patches sparks debate

The Register

Linux developer Sasha Levin has kicked off a project in which he proposes gathering up kernel security fixes under a single tree. Read more >


Smart umbrella tells you when it's going to rain


Everything is connected these days, so why not an umbrella? Oombrella is an upscale parasol that alerts you if it's going to rain. Read more >


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