IIHF commercial by blue-infinity

We are thrilled to announce the latest commercial produced in-house, for the International Ice Hockey Federation. Filmed on location in British Columbia, we share with you a few teaser photos before the official film release.

The IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) wished to promote women's ice hockey, in a commercial intended for broadcast on the Jumbotron during the Men's world championship in Russia at the beginning of May, 2016, and to be broadcast worldwide. Filming took place during the Women's world championships in April, 2016 on location at Kamloops, British Colombia, Canada.

Filmed were the major stars of woman ice hockey, from:

  • Russia (Alexandra Vafina)
  • USA (Hilary Knight)
  • Canada (Brianne Jenner)
  • Finland ( Ronja Savolainen)
  • Japan (Yuka Hirano)
  • Switzerland ( Florence Schelling)

Our blue-infinity team comprised a specialised digital marketing group including a film conception unit, project manager, copyrighter, and a producer. Film production was carried out by the director from Imagerie Film (www.imagerie-films.fr/),with sound design and voiceovers by Zikali (www.zikali.com/)

We are immensely proud of all those involved, and this commercial is truly stunning in capturing the essence of the IIHF message - to govern, develop and promote hockey throughout the world. 

Enjoy the image gallery, until we share the finished product.

About the IIHF

Founded in 1908, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) is a federation of member national hockey associations governing the sport of ice hockey and in-line hockey for both men and women. http://www.iihf.com/

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About the author

Kirk Havelock

Kirk is a keen writer and part of blue-infinity's Marcom team, previously holding diverse roles with leading multinationals, and is originally from New Zealand.