Friday Five@5

In the wild, smells come from different directions and in unpredictable combinations, accompanied by variations in heat and humidity. The Cyrano’s aromas come from a carrousel of small, resinous chips, which periodically rotate into place above the fan.

The Friday Five@5 is your weekly dose of the latest in digital news from around the world. 


Is digital smell doomed?

New Yorker

The Cyrano is a “digital scent speaker” that produces olfactory playlists, or “smelltracks,” which users can control using a smartphone app. Read more


How society is uniting to close the digital skills gap

The Next Web

The digital skills gap is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses and societies worldwide. Read more


China’s consumer revolution: digital demand, global scale

The Diplomat

China’s on-demand economy is light years ahead of the West in terms of ease of ordering, delivery and payment. Read more


Optimizing your app in today's digital experience age


In today's shifting consumer landscape, emerging technologies and mobile and web applications are rapidly changing the way brands reach their customers. Read more


9 hugely annoying habits that tech users need to drop

Digital spy

Seriously, if you're going to be trusted with tech, these are the rules you need to follow.... Read more


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