blue-infinity now Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

With an increased demand for cloud solutions, merely deploying into the cloud is not enough. blue-infinity are proud to be a new Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, so what does this mean for our clients?

The drivers for cloud transformation are several. They include business agility, increased scale, experimentation, mobility, consumerization, and empowerment of employees. What this comes down to is a removal of barriers and inhibitors in traditional infrastructure, to supporting organisations on their path to becoming fully digital businesses.

The advantage of us becoming a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider helps our clients in many ways. Our cloud take-off services targeted at Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and EMS are supported by pragmatic cloud strategies, enabling us to shorten cloud implementation time, whilst maximizing business value.  We are backed by Microsoft Premier support with direct access to the Microsoft escalation team.

blue-infinity has been providing Microsoft solutions for over 20 years and is a Microsoft Gold partner since 1997 and Managed partner since 2013. With the extensive cooperation of Microsoft on a large client base, from global accounts to SMB, our experience at onboarding clients to Office 365 and Azure is embodied in our our new cloud status.

We are now extremely pleased to be able to provide end-to-end solutions to our clients, from provisioning to implementing managing and billing on a large set of services. We aim to make Microsoft cloud services an integral part of enterprise application portfolio, and leverage concepts such as bimodal IT, cloud services brokering, and pace layering to develop new cloud strategies.

For more information on these specific services, please contact us.

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About the author

Valerie Alonso

Valerie is part of the blue-infinity Solutions team and takes an active role developing relationships with our Microsoft clients and managing our partnerships.