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The benefits of machine learning continue to trickle down to smartphones and gadgets. Deep learning programs directly on devices “mean better privacy and lower latency" Qualcomm’s director of product management, Gary Brotman, told The Verge.

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Qualcomm's deep learning SDK will mean more AI on your smartphone

The Verge​

Deep learning used to only be in the cloud — now it's coming to devices. Read more


‘Kung Fu Motion Visualization’ by Tobias Gremmler

Cartoon Brew​

Kung Fu Motion Visualization reinterprets motion capture data of martial arts performances into abstract forms and expressions. Visuals and sound design by Tobias Gremmler. Read more


The future of digital lead generation

Tech Crunch​

Lead generation models have evolved throughout history as a result of new technology and ever-changing consumer trends. Read more


Microsoft wants you to stop touching your phone so much

The Next Web

The folks at Microsoft Research are working on a new way for you to interact with your smartphone that involves a lot less touching than usual. Read more


Early Graphics Show How Far Special Effects Have Come


John Whitney was one of the earliest pioneers of computer graphics, most memorably known for his work on the opening sequence of Hitchcock’s Vertigo. But even in this video for IBM in 1968, the distance that computer graphics has come is startlingly clear. Read more


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