The future of SharePoint

If you missed the news last week at the SharePoint live event from Microsoft Campus, then you should be informed that Microsoft renewed their investment in the SharePoint platform.

It was the “Father of SharePoint", Jeff Teper himself that hosted the event and delivered most of the great news.

One of the most interesting for Web Developers is the “SharePoint Framework” which represents Microsoft’s commitment to get on board all web developers by relying more and more on most common web development patterns and practices, rather than specificities of the “Sharepoint world”. Yes – SharePoint can be beautiful! – check out more samples.

So, where is this used? Every single new feature in either Office 365 or the new SharePoint 2016 are fully employing these trend web technologies to provide with the most modern experience throughout reinvented web portals build with a mobile-first approach. Read more here  or on

How to be ready for the future ? You are a web developer and dig all the new web developer tools and frameworks around? You should be all set then! Really it's not about developing for SharePoint anymore but about working on the web, doing what you always wanted – a Web Developer! 

Read more here.

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About the author

Marius Constantinescu
Marius Constantinescu

Marius is SharePoint MVP and a managing consultant in blue-infinity's Microsoft practice.