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Billionaire tech visionary Peter Thiel has pointed out that while machines are very good at processing massive amounts of data, they still can’t make thoughtful decisions or draw sensible conclusions. Judgement is still solidly handled by humans - that’s why the emergence of machine learning is so exciting. 

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Machine-learning will enhance, not replace, human creativity

The Next Web

When machines become more intelligent, humans are free to become more creative. Read more


How to search the deep web safely


With the right tools there’s little to fear and plenty to discover. Here’s how you can start exploring the deep web without having to worry about your digital well-being. Read more


The creators of Siri just showed off their next AI assistant, Viv, and it's incredible

The Verge

The goal was to create a better version of Siri, one that connected to a multitude of services. Read more


The I-1 is a Polaroid-style camera for the digital age

Digital Trends​

The Impossible Project launched a stylish new Polaroid-esque camera this week. Read more


WhatsApp launch a native desktop app for Mac and Windows


While plenty of WhatsApp fans were already chatting over the platform's web browser option, the rest of us can now join them on the desktop. Read more


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