To an unknown land

Join Nathalie, blue-infinity Art Director, on a journey into the unknown during the creation of her fantastic new exposition "Traces - voyages en terre australe," an artistic study of Possession Island.

Nathalie Cauvi is no stranger to humanitarian projects, or those involving remote locations. When she came across “L’Atelier des Ailleurs” (“Studio elsewhere”), it was her chance to discover another exotic corner of the world, this time a part of the sub Antarctic Crozet Archipelago.

With only two places available for residency, Nathalie was unfortunately not selected but her passion for adventure lead her to create a public exposition to reveal her research and artistic interpretation of the island.

Possession Island is the largest of the Crozet Archipelago and the only inhabited island. “On Possession Island, there is so much to learn, so much to explore. Meteorology, magnetic poles, flora and fauna, one of the largest concentration of seabirds with 26 species… This is an experience is a synonym of solitude and spirituality.”

Alfred Faure base is home to 24 people for 13 months at a time due to the extreme living conditions and weather. “On such an isolated island, it is a true study of community spirit and mutual belonging,” Nathalie says.

Like a journalist, Nathalie sought support from important entities like the TAAF, IPEV and NASA, CNRS or SCHOM for information about marine life, geology, cartography and bathymetry.  “The more I learn, the more I want to learn!”

The photo gallery on the right illustrates the extensive nature of Nathalie’s project, which combines water colour drawings, light games, sculptures, digital tools like interactive maps, motion design and augmented reality - many of which are new to her - to immerse visitors in a multi-sensory travel experience. She had assistance from various sound and video tech specialists (see below) to recreate the unique climactic conditions.

Meteorological events will be cast onto a 3D printed relief model of the island measuring 2.50m in length, featuring landmarks, roads, altitude, lakes and scenic photos, whilst a GoPro camera captures visitor hand interactions with the model. A great albatross 1:1 scale model is also on display!

Nathalie aims to welcome 35,000 visitors to take part in her story from 28th September 2016 at La Conciergerie, Chambery. and 1st November, 2016 to 31st March, 2017 at La Turbine, Annecy. Read the exposition brochure (pdf).


Zikali – Music and imagery

Full story – Video mapping, support platforms, data visualisation

L'imagerie – Exposition presentation video and Crowdfunding video

Fablab – Laser cutting, 3D printing and electronics (Arduino)


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