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blue-infinity hosted the 6th edition of Devoxx4kids on Saturday 21st May. We were happy to welcome over 100 children at this event, sharing with them our passion for digital.

The goal of Devoxx4kids is to get kids excited about technology, develop their creativity about computers and teach them programing in a fun way. A lot of workshops where children programed robots, built circuits, programed microcontrollers etc. We want them to experience technology. From 4 to 15 years old, they benefit from the most trendy technical workshops!

Minis, aged 4 to 6, enjoyed Cubetto and Thymio, programming two small robots which allowed them to discover the universe of robotics and learn a robot's language.

Kids aged 7 to 10, joined us during afternoon. They enjoyed Thymio and “The Bugs”, an exclusive cooperative card game designed for kids that will ease the first contact with programming to build confidence.

Teens aged 11 to 15, discovered all day the most advanced workshop with Arduino, NAO, IoT and Algoid. As with every Devoxx4kids conference, NAO is the star of the day. Combination of mechanical engineering and software, NAO is a robot made up of a multitude of sensors, motors and software piloted by the children! As a new learning tool, the robot makes learning code stimulating, attractive and concrete. 

Algoid is a platform that teach how to program with a simple but complete language on smartphones which made them able to program a clone of the game Jetpack Joyride. Finally, they experienced for the first time the Internet of Things, programming the flying of a drone with PS4 controllers.

Many thanks to Xavier Bourguignon, Devoxx4kids creator, to his team and to ITTA teachers which took from their time to install all the programs and hard drives and highly contributed to the success of this event. Thank you to all the blue-infinity and ITTA volunteers and to the kids for their interest and their good mood! We are glad to see that such collaboration make people so enthusiastic.

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