What was 'ON' at OFFF 2016?

"What a group does with its billable hours determines its income for the year. What it does with its non billable time determines its future" - speaker David Maister. Read this report from our creative team who attended OFFF in Barcelona, May 2016.

The OFFF conference is a popular digital culture festival. What did our team learn from their time this year in Barcelona and what were the opinions shared by the keynote speakers? Discover some of the artists represented in the gallery on this page.

Passion projects

This talk explored the idea that numerous companies boost their creative reputation by financing employees’ 'Passion Projects'. Employees propose an idea that they are excited about and the company gives them time to work on it and internal resources if necessary. The project must be finished within 3 months and must be stopped if urgent client work is needed. These ideas are publicised in the company’s name often creating a storm on social networks. By exercising the creative brain, employees have loads of ideas when it comes to pitches.

Process ideas

This talk explored the idea that rather than yearly annual reviews, regular ‘appreciation meetings’ amongst small teams with post-it notes describing what you have liked recently about colleagues’ work. Encourage a positive team environment and allow people to grow and learn from others. Hold yearly events with multiple workshops with changing groups, for employees to give input about how the company could improve. Perhaps have ‘round the fire’ moments to resolve any 1-1 conflicts. Small teams having breakfast one day a week together brings people together and can spark ideas from random chats.

Creative philosophy

This talk explored the idea that it's important to stay childlike, no politics. It’s ok to have a bad day, we all have them. Be open with your emotions. Pin work up to share it and get feedback. Push an idea in every direction until it breaks.


Here we listend about how VR is being used in many different ways and is becoming an important development for many companies. Also, transcripting music/sound into visuals, even in creative and technical way doesn’t always work and isn’t necessary.

Thanks to Romain, Nathalie, Christel, Fleur, Karol, Arne and Clément for sharing their experience!

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