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In such an “AI first world” will phones fade away and society evolve back to a simpler time when people actually looked at the world around them as they walked down the street? It is a fascinating question to ponder.

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Are we all turning into digital zombies? Or will AI save us?


As we become ever more detached from the physical world what changes will this mobile addiction wreak on society as a whole? Read more


The best and worst from WWDC 2016


The WWDC keynote is finally over, and if we learned one thing, it’s that Apple has fundamentally changed. Read more


Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion


Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, marking one of the biggest tech mergers in recent memory and giving the software giant a firm foothold in the online professional world. Read more


6 charts showing how elite chinese millennials prefer their luxury travel


Chinese millennial travelers who are very wealthy are best described as super travelers. Read more


Google launches Springboard, its new Apps search tool for enterprise users

The Next Web

Google has announced that it’s currently trialing Springboard, a new search service for enterprise users of its Google Apps productivity suite. Read more


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