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London is very proud of its tech startups, but how will this sector be impacted by Brexit? Matt Phelan, founder of 4Ps Marketing and The Happiness Index, offered his opinion. "Entrepreneurs by default don’t see barriers, they only see opportunities."

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How will Brexit impact digital businesses and marketers?


It’ll be a few years before the UK officially leaves the EU, meaning we face a long period of economic uncertainty. As such, it’s difficult to know how digital businesses should respond at this stage. Read more


Google's Project Bloks designed to get kids programming early


Increasing its dedication to early learning through technology, Google has announced Project Bloks, a tool designed to get children started on the path to programming and making cool gadgets. Read more


Facebook debuts hand-picked event listings in 10 cities


The social network now tells you what's up this weekend. Read more


Twitter's #Stickers Feature is a 'Visual Spin on the Hashtag'

NBC Bay Area

Twitter says the feature allows users to add virtual stickers to the photos they post in their tweets. Read more


5 Android Apps That Will Make You More Productive


Smartphones are the multitools of the 21st century. They’re always there, constantly connected. And if anything, Android takes it to the next level, allowing for extensive customisation and integration. Read more


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