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The use of an automated, algorithmic method of media buying sounds like the death knell for creative campaigns. “It’s the usual tension between art and the machine.” said POKE co-founder Nic Roope.

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Can we overcome the tension between programmatic and creativity?


On the face of it, programmatic advertising and creativity would appear to make strange bedfellows. Read more


Microsoft stock jumps as its cloud product’s sales double


Microsoft reported quarterly earnings and revenue on Tuesday that easily topped analysts' expectations, as its key cloud product, Azure, saw revenue grow 102 %. Read more


Why Google DeepMind wants your medical records

BBC News

Google's DeepMind has moved on from playing Go to more serious matters - attempting to solve some of the world's biggest health problems. Read more


How to successfully manage creative projects

The Next Web

All your favorite design apps are open and the warm glow of your computer monitor beckons your masterful, creative brilliance. It’s time to get work done. Read more


Record-Setting hard drive writes information one atom at a time


Researchers working in the Netherlands have developed an atomic-scale rewritable data-storage device capable of packing 77 terabits onto a single square centimetre. Read more


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