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Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Marius Constantinescu is a leader in digital productivity solutions and a technical expert who loves to be involved and help his team excel – with no limit to how much.

Marius has been dubbed as “Mr. Always On.” With 20 years in the IT industry, Marius is still as curious today as ever about IT innovation and that of his specialty, Microsoft technologies. As one of their Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), he has proved himself on the international Microsoft stage, holding conferences, addressing audiences around Europe, and as head of the SharePoint User Group Switzerland. “Being active in the Microsoft community means I am always challenged by the latest news and innovation. It’s a constant boost to do more.”

Before joining blue-infinity in 2010, Marius developed his expertise at Siemens and at the EU Commission, developing both his skill base and his network. In addition, a personal quest and will as a writer helped him cement his thoughts about technology online, as well as contributing to books, articles and as a technical reviewer. His primary influence was Dino Esposito, a consultant and author of several .Net books published by Microsoft Press. Marius’ new aim joining blue-infinity was “personal expansion” – and to push himself in a broader sense.

Currently a Managing Consultant in our Microsoft Productivity department, Marius, like many employees, has the opportunity to collaborate cross-functionally, meaning that his daily work experiences differ greatly - between the kinds of solutions for each project and the way these solutions impact the business. His goal is to help impart a long term view for success and provide a new approach on addressing specific problems. “To ensure the team is functioning well means everything at a new client or on a new project.”

Amongst colleagues, Marius likes to see others enjoying their work and enjoys being able to do what he is most passionate about. His three maxims of employee success are “responsibility, recognition and respect.” He mentions that there is a lot negotiation involved in defining the right solution, and that being aware of one’s broader political environment is as important as understanding the behavior of code, in order to adapt to client needs. “We can’t just develop. We have to develop social skills as well!”

With such a myriad of products and solutions available, Marius points out that “people are becoming less and less diverse in their knowledge, as the variety is so broad. The sheer speed of digital makes it hard to follow many technologies at once.” Marius has a full annual schedule speaking at four conferences a year, and a new role at blue-infinity in Cloud solutions, which he says is the future. “Getting the best out of the cloud is the new direction – like Satya Nadella put it - mobile first, but also cloud first.”

Marius, besides being constantly connected and digital addicted, has a young family and hobbies like woodwork, puzzles, sci-fi books and board games help occupy his away time.


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