Skylar Tibbits of MIT has some radical ideas about the future of manufacturing. "If you look at how things are manufactured at every other scale other than the human scale—look at DNA and cells and proteins, then look at the planetary scale—everything is built through self assembly," he says.

MIT’s phones can assemble themselves​


Scientists at MIT are building a phone that can put itself together. That’s right, different parts of a phone can actually assemble themselves in front of your eyes. Read more 

Instagram’s new business tools​

Digital Trends

There are 200,000 advertisers on Instagram, and they’re all dying to be your friend. And with the app’s new business tools, they just might succeed. Read more

Microsoft reveals secret HoloLens processor specs​

Microsoft custom designed the Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) and it takes all of the data from the cameras and sensors and then processes it in real-time so you can use gestures accurately. Read more 

The Verge

How programmatic advertising is helping drive digital​


There’s new evidence that phase change memory could be a viable successor to the DRAM that we use today. Read more 

The digital wave in Swiss schools

Korea IT Times

Despite the great success of education in Switzerland, there is still an issue being widely discussed, one that could have a broad impact on the fitness of the economy – digital education. Read more 

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