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Laura Diaz is a rising talent in the Salesforce world and co-leader of “Paris Women in Tech (WIT).” She spoke with us about the new Geneva chapter of WIT.

Laura joined our Salesforce team two months ago and is already making a significant impact, and was recognised as one of the 25 People to Meet at Salesforce World Tour Paris.

Why did you start WIT?

“When I started Paris WIT, my aim was to gather women that are as passionate about technology as I am. It always surprised me how difficult it was to get women to join our conversations, meetings etc. because they feel they are on the fringe of the Tech community.”

What is WIT’s purpose?

“WIT creates visibility for female talent in Salesforce where they can discuss related topics, career opportunities and enriching experiences. I would like to meet women that are as passionate about Salesforce as myself and discuss challenges they may have encountered.”

What is the aim of the WIT event in Geneva?

“Women, although a minority, represent a growing presence in technology. I would like to encourage this further and empower women at all career stages to be successful in tech. By gathering we can create awareness, exposure, and help women be proud of what they have accomplished. Their knowledge and experiences are making an impact and should be shared with upcoming generations.”

Join Laura & colleagues for Salesforce Geneva Women in Tech, on 29th September at blue-infinity Geneva.

18.30 - 19.30 Networking
19.30 - 20.30 Lightning Components & Lightning App Builder for Admins

+Plus a viewing of the video session made by @AlbaRivas from Financialforce at Paris Women in Tech (26th September).

Please register here or view the event page.

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